University House
In Minneapolis Minnesota

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12 Requirements

1.) Must be a male, 18 years of age or older.

2.) Applicants must be sober a minimum of 30 days to interview for membership at University House.  To move in, members must be sober for a minimum of 90 days prior to beginning coursework.

3.) Must be committed to sobriety, to the unity of University House members, and to the health of the living environment while always remaining abstinent from chemicals.

4.) Must have a close relationship with a local sponsor or retain a temporary sponsor within one week of arrival at University House.  You must then retain permanent sponsorship within 2 weeks of arrival with a competent sponsor who has worked  12 Steps.

5.) Must attend a minimum of two AA meetings each week, with one being at your established home group. Must always be working the 12 steps with your sponsor.

6.) Must attend weekly house meeting and any mandatory house meetings when scheduled.

7.) Must participate equally with daily and weekly cleaning tasks assigned by House Manager.

8.) Must be either a prospective student or existing post-secondary student (not applicable during summer sessions).

9.)  Must be employed if not enrolled in post-secondary education and be in good standing with your post-secondary institution, maintaining a minimum 2.0 Grade Point Average (each session, course registration and report cards are to be shared with University House Directors).

10.) Avoid unhealthy environments, including but not limited to:  bars and parties with alcohol or drugs, raves, casinos or gambling of any form, strip clubs.

11.) No violence or abuse of any kind.

12.) Maintain an attitude of Honesty, Open-Mindedness, and Willingness. University House members, and to the health of the living environment while always remaining abstinent from chemicals.

Fees & Services:

Students at University House contract for six months at a fee of $625/month.  Membership includes utilities, unlimited local long distance phone service, standard cable television, and high speed wireless Internet access (house members will be responsible for wireless cards, if needed).  Also provided are  basic bathroom/toiletry essentials and house cleaning supplies.  Minimal storage is available and each member is provided indoor storage space for one bicycle. Members may install, at their expense, a window A/C unit in their bedrooms for an additional $25 per month to cover the additional electrical charges.

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